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Re: [IP] morning glucose sensitivity?

Hi Gail,

Yes, I too have to take more insulin to cover morning foods.  You mentioned 
that if you already take a bolus to correct a high you seem to be OK.  That 
is probably because you are having some unused insulin from the correction 
bolus you took.
I have my morning basals set high so that it evens out my breakfast.  I eat a 
bagel every morning and to keep from going too high I only eat half of it 
when I get to work and the other half about an hour to an hour and a half 
later.  This works for me.

I just got this worked out pretty good this year and now I am retiring at the 
end of the school year and plan on doing my exercise in the morning so I 
guess I will have to do some serious readjusting to fit my new life schedule. 
 Should be fun.

Hope this helps.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping
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