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Re: [IP] morning glucose sensitivity?

> Hello gang!
> I have noticed that I am more effected by 
> foods in the morning then at other times of 
> the day.  Any one else find this? 
Not only am do my levels rise more for morning foods, 
but my insulin resistance is higher as well (still on 
MDI).  My morning R takes up to 5 hours to actually 
kick in and start working (though usually 3.5 hrs is 
the rule), whereas by the time dinner comes around I 
can feel it taking hold within 30 minutes.  The 
psychological symptoms come into play too... In the 
morning I don't want to so much as look at food till 
about 10:00am (time when my morning shot typically 
starts bringing my numbers down), come dinner, I get 
ravenous at about 30mins right on cue for my evening 
insulin to start working.  Of course, I realise part of 
this is my lunch shot peaking so I'm not 100% certain 
of the activation schedule of my evening shot.

- -Sara G.

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