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[IP] morning glucose sensitivity?

Hello gang!
I have noticed that I am more effected by foods in the morning then at
other times of the day.  Any one else find this?
I thought it was delayed dawn phenomenon, but it did not happen on the
mornings I fasted.  I thought it was the coffee raising my numbers in
the morning because the liver gets woken up and all that...  but it
still happened when I skipped the coffee.   I discovered that this
exagerated rise does not happen on the mornings that I need to take a
morning bolus to decrease a slightly elevated fasting number.
It's the mornings I take the proper bolus for my measured 1/2 cup milk
in my coffee and then maybe pop one or two cheerios in my mouth as I
feed the kids and maybe a crust of toast.  I am talking really minor.
If I do these minor "infractions" in the afternoon or evening there is
no harm done.... but in the morning I am especially sensitive.  Is this
My goodness!  Who knew you needed a scientific mind to monitor this

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