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[IP] some good things about caffeine

A brief intro: I started coffee at the tender young age of six or seven.  
During my college years I refused to take drugs to stay awake and lived on 
coffee.  I can easily drink 10-15 cups a day without thought even now (20 
years later) as programming without coffee is like code without data.

So I saw this and had to copy it here (as well as to my wife who I'm sure will 
be certain that I wrote the study):

So how long as it been since you have heard some good things about caffeine? 
In Diabetes Care 23: 455-459, 2000 they report that moderate amounts of 
caffeine increases someone's ability to sense early Hypoglycemia.

Of course, for some, caffeine will make you feel like you are
always hypoglycemic, but this is just a little helper if you need

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

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