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Re: [IP] Type 2 question

Type 2 treatment is usually this laid back - I agrree that she should see =
an endo and find out about diet NOW - you and I both know the long term =
and short term consequences of high blood sugar - and if she is taking the =
pill in am - it probably does not last until next am - help her - but =
don't overwhelm her - type 2 blood sugars change very slowly!  But (dare I =
say it) diet and exercise can make a difference too - not just the pill - =
the pill helps her pancreas fundtion better and lets her body accept her =
own insulin - I also found I got an upset stomach with all the pills - she =
will need to watch for that over time.


>>> <email @ redacted> 05/08/00 02:58PM >>>
In a message dated 5/8/00 1:43:15 PM US Eastern Standard Time,=20
email @ redacted writes:

<< She went to her Dr. and was officially diagnosed with Type 2
 by him, was sent home with Diabeta(?) and a meter with intructions to =
 twice a day.  She doesn't see a CDE until May 23 and was told she can't =
 the dietician till after that.  She said she had woken up with her lowest
 sugar that morning at 287!  Is this normal course of events? >>

Hi Nita

Well, that's better than I got when I was DX'd with type 2 in 1986. I =
told to test and wasn't sent to an educator until I started insulin =
years later. (Didn't even know they existed.) For diet "education," I =
given a sheet of paper and told: "Here. Follow this. Don't eat any sugar."

Good for you for taking time to help the lady out. Yes, I would push her =
push her health care people. In fact, I would push her toward an=20
endocrinologist. They seem to take type 2 more seriously than many =

Jan (and Elvis)
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