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[IP] Insulin resistance one week before menstruation

For the week before I menstruate I become almost completely resistant to 
insulin.  Before I realized it always happens at this time, I was changing 
the IP infusion sets several times thinking this was the cause for the sky 
high bgs (350-450).  Its very frustrating and scarey that no matter how much 
I seem to bolus  or increase basal rates, it won't come down.  Manual 
injections of 10 units Humalog will bring my bg down after about three 
hours., but not by much.  The first day of my period, my bgs come all the was 
down to normal; but this is after a week of complete worry and frustration.  
Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, what works for you?  (By the 
way I'm D for over 40 years- on IP for one year.   Karen
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