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[IP] Re: tape problems

Hi Linda,  The cream isn't really hard to get off.  You can use something
called Unisolve.  Its made by Smith and Nephew and its an "adhesive remover
wipe".  It comes in the little pad packages  like alcohol swabs.  You can order
it from Minimed.  Its rather expensive and I've found that baby oil works just
as well.  You really just need some kind of solvent that's not hard on your
skin.  Hope this helps you and Adam out.  Good luck.  Marilyn

Linda Culumovic wrote:

> Hi Marilyn - thank you for your info on the tape problems.
> If we use this cream, how hard is it to get off?
> Adam hates having the tape pulled off, (unless its half off already!)
> and I don't want to make it worse!!
> Have you ever used anything to help get the tape off?
> Thanks for all your help!
> Linda
> At 01:23 PM 05/06/2000 -0700, you wrote:
> > Hello, Linda,
> >   The final solution came from one of the pumpers who responded to my
> >request.      The cream really helps with sticking.        Marilyn
> >Brad's response is as follows:
> ><Hi Marilyn,  I have been using Cavilon since I got the pump
> >(10/99). I work out at least 4X/week (jog and weights
> >in gym), and have never had a problem with sweat
> >making the tape becoming unglued. Here's the process I
> >go through each time I change a set:  1. After shower and towel dry, apply
> >a dab of cream on
> >area where infusion set will be placed. Wait a few
> >minutes for cream to dry.  2. Swab infusion area with "IV Prep" swabs. Let
> >dry.  3. Insert set, and apply tape (NOTE: I use the
> >"cross-hatch" tape, which may be problematic for
> >people with sensitive skin).  Since I haven't had the pump long enough, it
> >may turn
> >out that living in humid climates may exacerbate the
> >problem of the tape (in the Northeast, it can get
> >pretty humid during the summer). So far, however, I
> >haven't had any problems with the tape.  I hope this helps out. Please
> >write if you have any
> >other questions.  Best regards,  Brad MacDonald
> >email @ redacted  <email @ redacted>
> >wrote:
> >> Hello Brad,
> >  Cavilon Cream
> >> on the pumper's
> >  I phoned the company and they assured me it
> >> was only a barrier
> >> and keeps the skin moist but that it wouldn't
> >> prevent the tape from
> >  I do an intense
> >> martial art form
> >> and am having alot of problems with my tapes not
> >  I'm
> >> spending alot of $ on replacing the cannula ends
> >> every time this
> >  Could you pls write to me about your
> >> experience with this
> >   I will
> >> appreciate your
> >   email @ redacted
> >>
> ><I use Cavilon cream (from 3M) and I literally have
> >> to
> >> pry the tape off when I change a set.
> >>
> >> The product number is 3392 Durable Barrier Cream.
> >>
> >> If you wish to order direct from a distributor you
> >> may
> >> call Edge Park Surgical
> >> 800-321-0591 and they will take a credit card order
> >> for the product.
> >>
> >> Although 3M says that it is not available at any
> >> retail store, I have read other posts where pumpers
> >> have asked their pharmacist to order for them.
> >>
> >> Hope this helps out.>
> >
> >
> >

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