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[IP] Canoe/ pumping was digest V4 #160

My predisposition is to keep the insulin close by but safe.  I would not let her
go into the canoe without her pump or syringes and vial.  While in the canoe the
insulin delivery system would be protected from heat and water by whatever

It may be hard to tip a canoe but kids do it all the time.  So I would assume
that it would tip and that she would be in the water or stranded on a island ( 3
hour tour) for some hours before help arrived.  I would not attach the insulin
system to the canoe as it may sink irretrievably.

I would think that keeping it in a floating container and reattaching every hour
or so and bolusing the lost basal if needed along with testing frequently and
having lots of fresh water and glucose in the boat would make her pretty safe
and independent of the shore and assistance.

Call me paranoid but water activities and outdoor activities have a way of
getting ugly if you are not....paranoid.

As for the sanitation,  a good rinse with clean water over the site may be all
that you can do.  There is a septum in the silhouettes, so keep the tubing clean
and rinse the site, then go for it.  I would worry about it less in salt water.

Curtis Lomax

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