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[IP] Frozen Shoulder and Diabetes

>Hey Diane, thanks for writing.  I am a bit on the slow side, so can you 
>tell me
>what you meant by the shots putting you through the moon?  You mean they 
>hurt or
>really raised your sugar??  Did you ever get the full range back from your
>frozen shoulder episode.  Mine is partially frozen and I think it's from 
>Carpal Tunnel, but now it's turned into tendinitis.  I just don't know if I 
>ever get the full range back.  Could you tell me what your shoulder problem 
>from??  Could you indulge me one more e-mail if you have time to reply.  
>you so much.

Marilyn-  Yes my BG was over 500 after getting a cortisone shot for my 
frozen shoulder(s). I skipped the recommended surgery after the pain didn't 
respond to anything, and a good massage therapist made it bearable enough 
for me to sleep at night without waking up when I rolled over.  Two years 
later, on the IP list ;-)), I found out that Adhesive Encapsulitus was not 
uncommon among diabetics and that there wasn't much more I could do.  I 
exercised as much as I could (not much) and two more years, the pain is 
gone, but so is the range of motion I once had that rendered yoga asanas EZ 
at one time!   Still the pain went away and someone on the IP list told me 
that too!!  Hang in there?
Guess this is most common among those of us who've had D for awhile.
Dxed 35 years ago and STILL learning (thanks to you on the IP list  -  I 
won't get into what I think of most endos ;-))!
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