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[IP] Re: the look of the new DTRON

> That's merely my opinion and a nudge to Disetronic and
no offense of any
> sort intended to anyone who has found the D-TRON'S  new
features more
> compelling than its shortcomings.

> Regards,
> Anika

I'm afraid I find no reason to even consider how a pump
looks, or its color.  Of more importance would be how it
fits my hand and especially how it works.  I would be
concerned about the lack of the bumps, which makes it
easier when bolusing in the dark, but again would have to
investigate it a little better in my own hand.  I wouldn't
mind if it had 'INSULIN PUMP' in big red letters plastered
all over it.  When I pull mine out and if anyone notices
it, I will go into a long diatribe about the benefits of a
pump and how it allows me to eat like normal people.  No
one ever takes a second notice of it.  I think that if I
tried to pass it off as a pager, it would look like I'm
hiding something, which would cause even more notice.  I
just keep mine in my pants pocket and would think that
being thinner would also lessen the bulge, making it more
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