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[IP] Type 2 question

On Friday I went to Jessica's school to have lunch with her (got off work
early for once).  I spoke to the lady I had diagnosed at the health fair
with diabetes.  She went to her Dr. and was officially diagnosed with Type 2
by him, was sent home with Diabeta(?) and a meter with intructions to test
twice a day.  She doesn't see a CDE until May 23 and was told she can't see
the dietician till after that.  She said she had woken up with her lowest
sugar that morning at 287!  Is this normal course of events?  Should she be
pushing for a quicker appointment and the chance to see the dietician to
help her work out a meal plan that best suits her.  She is struggling along
in the dark, and asking me questions about foods she likes and all.  Should
she be testing more at least until her sugars are under some sort of
control?  I am so frustrated with her Dr. I could scream!  I want her to
feel better now that she has started medicine, not worse.  Sigh.  Any input
will be appreciated.

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.9 years & Jarred, 9

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