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[IP] Comparison of Fast Take to Advantage

Be sure that they are both reading plasma or whole blood.  There is a correction
and you would see consistent differences.  Also keep in mind that the general
meter accuracy (or would it be precision?) is +/- 10%.  So a reading of 300 can
be +/- 30 pts.  If your real number was 300, one meter could read 270 and the
other could be 330 a 60 pt difference.

We use the FastTake and have found that there is a critical amount of blood that
must be placed on the strip (the new strips will help this) if the window is
just filled but there is no wet blood in the application square then it can read
as much as 100 pts high.  Tried to demo this for a rep but it would not work.

We use two FastTakes and they read very close to each other.

What kind of discrepancies are you seeing?


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