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Re: [IP] dead batteries w/o warning

My MM508 gave me a low battery warning - just after giving a bolus...but =
after that there was just the small icon of a battery (+/-) I think. NO =
WORDS ... I was sort of expecting a notice - so I had been watching for =

My CDE said that the more you use the pump the less time the battery =
lasts, esp if use the remote (or even if you have "connected" it and don't =
use it)  Mine has lasted exactly one month.  (I use 150 U per day)


>>> Jen Woodall <email @ redacted> 05/07/00 09:00PM >>>
I had a scary experience this weekend, while I was out of town at my =
mom's.  I woke up
Saturday a.m. with a NO POWER message on my MM508.  I had gotten no low =
warning, and my bg was up to 263.  I had 2 spare sets of batteries with =
me, tried them
both, to no avail.  My husband went out for fresh batteries, and they =
Apparently all my spares were dead!

My concern is that I did not get the LOW BATTERY warning.  I know several =
others have
had this experience and that it was discussed on the list soon after the =
508 was
released.  I'd like some feedback from those who have had this experience. =
 Did it
ever recur?  Did MM give you any indication as to why the LOW BATTERY =
warning did not
function?  I called MM on Saturday, before we knew it was actually a =
battery problem,
and they said they could replace my pump or send me a loaner.  Since this =
seems to be
an isolated event, my inclination is to see if it happens again.  If so, I =
definitely get them to check out my pump!!  But I would appreciate =
from those who have had this occur.



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