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[IP] Pump and Exercise...was Things I wish I knew when we started pumping

If my daughter had done so much exercise and went to bed at 100 then showed 250
later I would suspect a low and rebound.  There seem to be a consistent story
from people that have used the MM continuous meter.  It is that there are often
unrecognized lows during the night in people that thought they had the night
time wired.  People report going low 3-5 times a night without knowing it.

After reading of these experiences, I have been more aware that a high could be
a reaction to a low not just low basals.  The trouble here is that you never
know if it is too much basal or too little.  Even when testing during a basal
test, if one is close to great numbers, you are also close to the bottom.  And
so any rise in BG could be due to a low.

My daughter can raise 50 pts or drop 100 pts during the night on the same
basals.  We can "usually" pin the difference on activity or some other
un-measurable even.

Continuously baffled until we have a continuous meter,

Curtis Lomax

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