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Re: [IP] naughty daughter LONG

Thank you so much for your posting!  It was so articulate (you really are 
smart) and laid out such a perfect argument for parent's obligation to set 
limits and rules around their children's diabetes, as they would with any 
other parenting issue.  My instincts have always said to get a grip on things 
when I see my daughter go through an occasional period of slacking off, but 
the hard question is "how" to do this in an effective way that keeps her 
spirit whole, and does not create resentment of us (as parents) and/or the 
diabetes.  In the back of my mind, I think that the rule setting must be 
better than bad complications in later life.  I mean, there is no choice 
about control.  You have to do it....and even then....Again, it is "how" to 
manage the child and teenager, not if.  Going back to the "life isn't fair" 
issue is a good strategy.  My daughter has diabetes, my son has had mild 
depression when he was younger.  Depression and learning disabilities can be 
even worse than diabetes; there is always something to complain about in 
anyone's life.  You just run with the cards you are dealt.  Anyway, thanks 
again.  Very valuable posting.
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