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Re: [IP] dead batteries w/o warning

Had the same problem myself - the problem which affected MM 
(and D as I have heard but don't have any direct knowledge) is that 
they went with a different series of batteries (65C or something like 
that) - those batteries had a very sharp drop between low power 
and no power - like a couple of minutes - the problem was not with 
the pump, but with the batteries.  They sent us 357s - no problems 
> My concern is that I did not get the LOW BATTERY warning.  I know
> several others have had this experience and that it was discussed on
> the list soon after the 508 was released.  I'd like some feedback from
> those who have had this experience.  Did it ever recur?  Did MM give
> you any indication as to why the LOW BATTERY warning did not function?

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