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[IP] RE: the look of the new DTRON

>> (snip)  I'm very interested in the new D-tron but after seeing the looks
of it I don't know if I'll switch.  The shape of it is a little odd I
think.  For any one who has also seen the picture of the d-tron what do
you think about the new shape?>>

Hi Sheila,
   Thanks for unintentionally providing me an opportunity to spout off on
this subject.
    For the record,  I have a Disetronic H-TRONplus. I almost felt envious
over news of the new Disetronic pumps but since seeing the DTRON, I have to
say: What an unnecessarily homely shape! And I must also say, how could
Disetronic mess with perfection and put out a pump without the pouched
buttons?? (I'm talking about the bumped up ones along the side that you can
easily feel in the dark or through your clothing) I was bummed when I saw
the D-TRON because it would be nice to have some of the other features it
offers, but were these deformities necessary? (I'm directing this to any
Disetronic Reps who might be on this list.) As it stands, I remain happy (no
longer approaching envious) with the pumps I have, and if I were forced to
upgrade I'd personally go for the Animas (which may be an ugly color but is
still rectangular and has one pouched out button on the side for boluses).
That's merely my opinion and a nudge to Disetronic and no offense of any
sort intended to anyone who has found the D-TRON'S  new features more
compelling than its shortcomings.


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