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[IP] RE: looking for a good docor

>>.  I checked our Doctor Referral Boards and there is only ONE doctor
listed in Chicago>>

I have to split a hair with your George. There is one medical office listed
for Chicago but there are three Endos in that office, all of whom are
   Actually, George, I'm not doing this to curl your hair but to point this
out to the person in the north Chicago suburb who was searching for a doctor
and apparently had not checked the recommended physician area on the Insulin
Pumpers Web site.
    There isn't a hair's breadth of difference between myself and George on
the point that anyone who has a pro-pumper Endo they are pleased with and
could recommend to others should take the two-minutes it costs to put the
information up. It can cost months, even years of searching and scores of
bad experiences to move to find a doctor competent in dealing with diabetes,
so this information can be every bit as valuable as the pump to one's
wellbeing. If your doctor is a keeper, share the news. Do it now.
    (this public service announcement courtesy of motivation from George
Lovelace ;^)


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