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[IP] dead batteries w/o warning

I had a scary experience this weekend, while I was out of town at my mom's.  I woke up
Saturday a.m. with a NO POWER message on my MM508.  I had gotten no low battery
warning, and my bg was up to 263.  I had 2 spare sets of batteries with me, tried them
both, to no avail.  My husband went out for fresh batteries, and they worked.
Apparently all my spares were dead!

My concern is that I did not get the LOW BATTERY warning.  I know several others have
had this experience and that it was discussed on the list soon after the 508 was
released.  I'd like some feedback from those who have had this experience.  Did it
ever recur?  Did MM give you any indication as to why the LOW BATTERY warning did not
function?  I called MM on Saturday, before we knew it was actually a battery problem,
and they said they could replace my pump or send me a loaner.  Since this seems to be
an isolated event, my inclination is to see if it happens again.  If so, I will
definitely get them to check out my pump!!  But I would appreciate advice/information
from those who have had this occur.



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