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Re: [IP] This is getting serious


are you by any chance monitoring every thing that she eats?  is she possibly
feeling that she has no power because you are 'helicoptering'  (as we used
to call my mother in law when she hovered over our infants to see if they
were all right)?

I know that geneva goes through these periods in which she eats nonstop.  I
pretty much let her eat whatever and whenever she chooses  (within
reason)...as long as she is bolusing.  the real problem time is after
school.  she eats right up until 5 pm.  my 12 yr. old son does the same.

how about at school at lunchtime.  is she eating more than her meal?  is she
eating other kids' food?  or is this just at home?

weekends can be tough also...if there is nothing to do.  boredom breeds
hunger, at least it did when I was an adolescent.

it there is a power struggle/issue,  then maybe this is her way of feeling
if so...I would just lighten up on monitoring her intake and see what

if she is having a serious weight problem...then I guess it may be something
to call the doc about.

geneva actually grows an inch or gains a shoe size when she goes through
this eating thing.

wish I could help more.  ..if the basals are set too 'tightly'...(so that
she is averaging 70 on her BGS)...then she may really be hungry.   geneva
says that she is hungry when she is around 70 or lower.


> My 10 yo, whose basals seem correct, has gotten frantically hungry the
> few months.  This was not her pattern before pumping, ever.  She cannot
> asking for food, even after eating

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