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[IP] This is getting serious

My 10 yo, whose basals seem correct, has gotten frantically hungry the past 
few months.  This was not her pattern before pumping, ever.  She cannot stop 
asking for food, even after eating.  Her TDD is creeping up, up, up.  Her 
weight is up, up, up.  She is suffering hunger pains many, many times a day.  
Her AIc was just 6.4.  I'm wondering if I lowered her basals, even lower than 
they should be, if this would help take away some of the hunger she suffers?  
I don't want to tell her she is getting chubby, and don't want to tell her 
she eats too much, because the hunger seems real and is not her fault.  WE 
have good snacks and meals.  I don't need education of diet.  She is a 
bottomless pit and it is getting worse and worse.  Help!  Holly
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