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[IP] re: MiniMed supplies (Jay)

Hi Jay and all--

I've been ordering from the MM website for my past few orders for both my
supples and Josh's supplies.  I make each order separately (for insurance
purposes), order exactly the supplies/quantity I want, and then print the
confirmation sheet.  

I hadn't had problems getting my orders by phone, but using the website has
has been convenient and efficient for me.  I've been getting confirmation
calls within 48 hours and my orders within a week to ten days max.  This
includes insurance processing--I'm only charged my co-pay by MM.  On one
order, the MM person who called told me that my insurance company told her
that I hadn't met my deductible yet, but they knew I had a claim being
processed.  MM sent my order through as if the deductible were met.  On my
last orders I sked for samples of Sils, and  MM sent each of us three
samples within a couple of days.   

Hope this helps!

Doreen in Wyoming

Jay wrote:  
Between the two orders, I have had to put in 12 phone calls to get all of my
supplies. And no one could explain why.  Is it my insurance or is it minimed
short on supplies or is it just plain sloppiness on minimed's part?

I hate being at the mercy of someone else.  Anyone have suggestions?

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