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[IP] Paranoia was Fasting Blood Sugar

Holly, i know the feeling of paranoia, i think we all might have it 
some.....just keep doing what your doing. Hey you'll know the symptoms easily 
if it would happen again. I periodically check my 14 yr old, before and after 
eating and his numbers have always been great. Myself that is another 
story....i often have low blood sugar and thanks to Matt i use his meter, 
otherwise i wouldn't know what my numbers were. But i've often caught myself 
in the 50's feeling shaky, week, hungry, etc. So i've tested after eating and 
have caught myself at 210 ONCE, perhaps residue on finger, but not since, 
except for last week. I tested the 4 of us after eating pizza 2hr PP  Matt 
was 83, has D, Jackie, 87, non D, my husband 84, non D, and myself 159!  
Yikes Matt with D, did better than me!  Boy i'm paranoid to say the least.
Know your not alone.......

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