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[IP] RE: Humalog Dilution/Low Insulin Requirements


As you know from my last post, I've only been pumping for 3 weeks now.  
One of the wonderful things about this site has been that I've heard from
several other folks who also have very low insulin needs. This helped me
banish the guilt that my educator instilled in me by telling me that
shouldn't be on the pump if my insulin use turns out to be very small. 
In actuality, the ability to use tenths of a unit has been wonderful and
has significantly reduced the number of lows that I've had compared to
MDI.   I did start out on diluted Humalog.  I actually found it to be a
little cumbersome to mix the insulins, constantly double bolus doses,
etc.  So, I asked for feedback from folks who do mix and/or use .1 and
0.0 basals (See .1 basals and diluting Humalog thread).  Based on the
feedback I got from folks, I decided to try straight Humalog.  It's been
four days now and I have .1 for 21 hours a day and 0.0 for the other 3. 
I use sils and have not had a single alarm or clogging problem.  

Feel free to email me if you want to talk further.  I'm always interested
in hearing from others who are in the same boat in regards to low basals.

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