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Re: [IP] Pump and Exercise

Saundra wrote:

>>Yesterday in Baltimore it was around 90 degrees. Rachel, 13, had her
yearly track competition. The heat was so intense that one of the gentleman
workers suffered from heat stroke and was taken away in an ambulance.
she was out in the heat from 8am until 4pm. She ran in 3 events ... the
dash, the 440 dash and the 440 team relay. Her events were at noon, 1pm and
2pm. After the 440 dash, she was exhausted from the heat.<<

The heat really affects my bgs and I go high just from the stress of it.
So, if this were me, I would leave my basals alone and just check my bg
frequently.  Without exercising, I would probably have to increase my basals
to handle the heat stress.   YMMV.

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, hookup day is May 15!

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