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[IP] Pump and Exercise...was Things I wish I knew when we started pumping

Yesterday in Baltimore it was around 90 degrees. Rachel, 13, had her school's 
yearly track competition. The heat was so intense that one of the gentleman 
workers suffered from heat stroke and was taken away in an ambulance. Anyway, 
she was out in the heat from 8am until 4pm. She ran in 3 events ... the 100yd 
dash, the 440 dash and the 440 team relay. Her events were at noon, 1pm and 
2pm. After the 440 dash, she was exhausted from the heat. We decided to 
decrease her overnight basals from 1 unit to 0.9 units from the hours of 
midnight until 7am. She went to bed at 11 pm with a wonderful number of 107. 
I had my husband check her at 1 am and she had jumped to 251 (ouch).  He 
bolused her 2 units which should have brought her to about 150. She got up 
around 8am and was over 250 again (aaah). She has since corrected and her 
numbers have been great. Now, I don't know if maybe there was air in the 
tubing, or for whatever reason the exercise affected her opposite of what it 
normally does. Maybe she had a bad dream. The best advise I can give is to 
check those numbers when unusual events take place during the day.

Mom to Rachel (who finished 3rd in the 100 with a time of 12.9 sec., 4th in 
the 440 with a time of 73 sec., and 4th in the 440 relay with a team time of 
56 sec.)
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