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Re: [IP] Fasting Blood Sugars

Amanda was tested last year (came back negative), and will be tested again
this year when her brother goes to camp (for the DPPT).  We did not take
Alex with us last year, but will this year and have him tested.  I retested
him after he ate this morning and he was 140, Amanda was 103, maybe
paranoia, but the fear is always there.


> Hmmm, are you saying that Alex is NOT diabetic??
> If he's not diabetic, then I don't think it's anything to worry about. I
> remember that my non-diabetic son also soaked the sheets when he slept
> -- his hair was matted and sopping. (Still non-diabetic at age 26)
> In a non-diabetic child, on the other hand, the counter-regulatory
> mechanisms are normal, and the body is controlling the amount of insulin
> and glucagon on hand, so unless there's another problem like an
> insulinoma (a tumor which secretes insulin), or some other kind of
> metabolic defect, you won't see extreme low BGs.
> I think it's a good idea to test Alex and Amanda periodically (say, once
> every 6 months) after a meal -- if they're developing diabetes, you'll
> see high BGs, not low ones.
> And while you're at it, you might consider enrolling them in the DPPT
> trials -- they do antibody testing, and that way you'll KNOW if they're
> at risk or not.

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