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Re: [IP] Diabetes for Christmas to Carole H.

Carole H. wrote:

>>Somehow, emotionally I think I would have been much better off if I had
hospitalized and had gone to a camp that first summer.  I had never met
another child with diabetes until I was almost 17.  I truly felt alone in
this world.<<


Even though I was never hospitalized when dx'd I did go to summer camp that
first year.  I was dx'd in July then sent to camp in August.  I continued
going to camp until I was 15.  I think that going to camp was very good for
me because it was good to be around others my age who also dealt with the
same issues and I.  I kissed my first boy at summer camp, I learned to swim
and canoe at summer camp.  And, again, no one ever said "you can't do that
because you have D".  I've always been positive about this whole thing, and
now that I'm going to be pumping in about a week, I feel even better!

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, hookup day is May 15!  Woohoo!

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