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[IP] Sara - parenting a diabetic

I tend to take a middle road on punishment.  I personally do NOT believe in
chastising for high blood sugars, but always trying to take a team approach.
Please see
http://www.cs.unc.edu/~sfisher/diabeticchildren.html for my "views" on
parenting a diabetic child.

Don't ever look at a situation as a "can't do" or "you did it wrong"
<handslap,handslap> scenario - teach your child that they can do ANYTHING -
and teach them how to do it.  Analyze together what WE did incorrectly and
what WE should do next time instead.

Sneaking food?  Ask why - "anytime you are hungry just come find mommy and
daddy so we can help you with your insulin okay?"  Forbidden foods = secret
binges/treats later...

Don't punish - work together at it, pray together if you are religious, and
don't punish 'em quite like Sara's message.  Personally, for me that would
just make me depressed "Why me?  If I wasn't diabetic, I would be able to
use the phone/drive the car/do afterschool activties right now... sob"

Extreme situations may call for more action (thus my calling my philosophy
the middle road)...

Take a peek at it,

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