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Re: [IP] Diabetes for Christmas to RoseLea

There is one small difference between you and me and our diagnosis days.  I 
am still the only one of a total of seven kids in my family with type 1.

Funny I still remember the terror I felt when Mom and Dad brought me into the 
living room and told me I had diabetes.  When I asked her if I was going to 
die she said, "Oh no, Uncle Lawrence has had it for years."  Now I need to 
explain that I was a very emotional and bright eight year old and Uncle 
Lawrence was at that time 69 years old, was gaunt as one could be.  He 
probably was 5'6" and weighed 135 lbs soaking wet.

Somehow, emotionally I think I would have been much better off if I had been 
hospitalized and had gone to a camp that first summer.  I had never met 
another child with diabetes until I was almost 17.  I truly felt alone in 
this world.

To this day I still fight the guilt trips of eating a little too much or 
freaking over a blood sugar of 180 or more trying to find the cause.

To my benefit I am in relatively good shape.  Have stable background 
retinapathy in my good eye, (lost the sight in my left eye almost 16 years 
ago due to non diabetes related reasons), have two healthy boys (both were 
C-sections due to their excess birth weights, am taking an Ace inhibitor for 
micoralbuminaria, the 24 hour urine tests are now in normal ranges, and have 
had three trigger fingers and both hands done for carpal tunnel.

I do enjoy life but sometimes it is hard to maintain a good outlook.

Again, Congrats on your soon to be pump!  Finding the doctor who put me on 
the pump umpteen years ago gave me my life and any shred of a healthy outlook 
on life itself.

Carole H.
diagnosed 12/83, pumping since 1/84, two healthy boys borne 4/90 and 1/93.  
Have a wonderful husband who has stood by me for over 16 years and am halfway 
to my life goal of living until I am 80 so I can drive my boys just as nuts 
as they are driving me right now!  LOL!
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