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[IP] 3 days and love it!

Hi all, just wanted to share my excitement about my hooking up on 
Thursday.  It went great!  I did worked myself up thinking that it was 
gonna hurt and that I couldn't do this in my stomach(Ive never given a 
shot in my stomach except once and I said never again.), well was I 
wrong.  It is alot of remembering in beginning with programing the pump. 
 (I thought my head was going to explode)  But my educator and doctor 
had a nice sheet step by step for each function on insertion and bolus, 
basal and so on.  It seems like a great cheat sheet.  Anyway, by the 
time I got to the insertion part I was like lets do this and get it over 
with.  I did it on the first try and it didn't hurt a bit.  I mean 
nothing.  It was great!  I changed my first site today by myself with 
emotional help from my husband and it wasn't bad. My blood glucose has 
NOT been over 300 at all since I hooked up on thursday.  I know its only 
3 days but considering everyday around 1:00 pm I was way over 300 
sometimes 400!.  The first night my sugar ran 140 all night long.  Some 
200's in the afternoon.  But today I did not have a reading over 200!  
It was such a great feeling.  I went bowling tonight and kinda splurged 
alittle on some food so when I got home it was 300 from 199.  All I had 
was Nachos, so I just took a bolus of 2.5 units and I should hopefully 
be back to normal soon.  This morning I didn't eat breakfast until 11:00 
AM.  Wow, I ran 150 all the way to 11:00, something I could never do 
before.  It is still a very strange feeling not to be giving 
injections now.  I actually put my syringes away just in case I went 
to inject out of habit (23 years is a hard habit to break).  So anyway, 
I just wanted to share my excitement about the pump, and to thank you 
all for all your information and encouragement before I was pumpin'. 

Lisa Cocuzza
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