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Subject: [IP] Insulin Pump Supplies
Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 21:54:20 -0400
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Has anyone else had trouble getting supplies for their minimed pump? I've
been using the minimed 507 since 1997.  Have had only minor problems with
the pump, and up until my last two orders of supplies, I have not had a

But, My last two orders where both submitted a month in advance and still
only got them days (this last one left me hanging with only one change out
left.  Scary!) before I absolutely needed them.

The first order I had trouble with, I received only half the order at first,
then 6 weeks later and several phone calls, I got the other half of the

On this last order I was told that it would ship out on the 17th of April.
I called on the 30th of April and after some conversation was told that the
person who took my order had left the company so my order was not handled
properly.  Minimed apologized and told me it would be FedEx'd to me.  I
didn't get it the next day, so I called.  The order was processed to late to
get it into the overnight deliver, but....I would be getting it the next
day.  No didn't see it that day either.  I finally got it yesterday and the
order is wrong.  I ordered the micro infusion set and got the standard
instead.  On the phone again and was told that it wasn't my fault  (I knew
that!) and minimed would overnight.  I would receive it by 10:30 on
Saturday.  Well, its almost 10:00 PM now and I'm not holding my breath.  Do
you think they meant 10:30 PM?

Between the two orders, I have had to put in 12 phone calls to get all of my
supplies. And no one could explain why.  Is it my insurance or is it minimed
short on supplies or is it just plain sloppiness on minimed's part?

I hate being at the mercy of someone else.  Anyone have suggestions?

Jay Knauf

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