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[IP] Kids with diabetes

I think that parents need to teach their children to take responsibility
for their health.  Now that I've said that, I want to remind everyone that
once in a while you need to let them slide.  I was diagnosed at 16, so I
knew what it was like to grab a candy bar at the store right after lunch,
eat a huge piece of cake, devour an entire bag of chips, and eat whatever I
wanted.  I try very hard to take good care of my diabetes but once in a
while, not often, mind you, I will put it on the backburner.  This means
like eat that piece of cake or pizza and chase down blood sugars, not check
as often as I should, or eating junk food for a snack instead of something
good.  Once in a great while of little indulgences will not hurt you, but
it will help you keep your sanity and be able to say no that next time.
Help your kids to take good care of themselves, but please remember that
they are kids and will sometimes act like kids.  Actually, <g>, being high
after eating cake or something helped me to take better care of myself more
than anything cause I felt so bad!
On another note, do any of you or are any of you bottomless pits?  I am
constantly hungry and eat often(when my blood sugar allows.)  Granted, I'm
in college, but I sometimes feel guilty as I have to take so much insulin
after I eat.  Does anyone else have this problem?
dx'd at 16, 4/9/97

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