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Re: [IP] BIG problems with the site adhesive tape staying on. HELP!


If you all haven't tried it this way yet, I've had good luck by:

1)  Use IV Prep and let it dry to tacky
2)  Put the bumpy, crocodile-looking tape with the hole in it on top of the
IV Prep
3)  Insert the Soft-Set through the hole
4)  Put the smooth tape with the hole in it over the Soft-set
5)  Smooth everything out
6)  Take out the 'push-pin' needle part and prime for the cannula
7)  Use the non-holed IV 3000 tape to secure the safety loop.

(note to non-SoftSet users -- MM includes two kinds of tape with holes in it
with each tubing/cannula set, is what I'm talking about here).

I exercise an average of 50 min. per day (and shower after), at least 5 days
a week, and perspire profusely.  The only part of this that has ever come
loose is the tape holding the loop, and even it doesn't come completely off.
I arrange the tape-and-loop part so the disconnector is at the edge of the
tape, so I can still disconnect.  I generally am averaging 3 days between
site changes, and I haven't had to change because one came unstuck.  This
makes me think that perhaps the IV 3000 next to the skin at the bottom of
the whole thing may be causing Aaron's difficulty.

For what it's worth.  YMMV.  Hope it helps.
Kathy Trondsen

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