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[IP] BIG problems with the site adhesive tape staying on. HELP!

Hello everyone,

I subscribed to this list a little over two months ago, since my 12-yr-old 
son, Aaron, was to be pumping soon.  Aaron started on a Minimed 508 on March 
31.  It has been a little rocky, the start was difficult, since we weren't 
well prepared beforehand - just started cold turkey, but the pumping itself 
is going fairly well now.  

However, I need some suggestions FAST on the adhesives which hold the site in 
place.  We use the SofSert infusion set and Aaron will not consider another 
type right now.  This has all been so overwhelming for him and I don't want 
to push anything.  The puberty factor is MAJOR and I'm having to pick my 
battles!  When we insert, we do so through the IV3000 tape, and then put the 
other adhesives with the holes in them over it. Sometimes we do the opposite. 
 We have also used Skin-Tac, blister pads by BandAid, MeFix tape, and NOTHING 
will hold the site in place.  Aaron is SO frustrated - he's had to change his 
site three times in as many days.  He is a very active kid, 5 feet 7 inches, 
166 pounds, and has been working his buns off clearing a lot out back for us. 
 So the sweat level is HIGH and I'm sure this is affecting the tape.  BUT I 
read about other people who swim, run, exercise, etc. and no one seems to 
have a big problem with the sites staying in or the tape staying on.  Aaron 
is ready to throw this thing out the window and he says I don't understand 
how FRUSTRATED he is!

Any suggestions would be so very appreciated, and I would appreciate if you 
would reply to my email address as well. I get the digest version of the list 
and sometimes I can't get to it for days on end, and sometimes not at all.

Thanks so much!

Kristin, Clemmons NC
Mom to Aaron, 12 (dxed 3/17/99 and pumping 3/30/00!)  and Noah, 10
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