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[IP] Re: Question on Basals

I think my basal settings effect my bgs about 2 hours later then they are 
actually set for - example:  my 8:30 AM shows up at 10:30AM - I noticed this 
today when I woke up higher then usual - I was at 149 at 7:00, took .4 to 
start to bring me down to 100 before bolusing for breakfast - at 8:30, after 
testing a few times, by bgs were going back and forth between 125 and 149 
(even after taking an additional .2 units) since my tubing was going on the 
4th day - I had to change the site after the first day - and I usually only 
keep a site etc. for 3 days, I decided to change the whole thing - after 
bolusing another .4 at 8:30, within the next 15 minutes I had come down to 
99. I bolused for breakfast, ate and then a while later did an aerobic walk 
for 35 minutes. About an hour later, my bg was 100 - which is very unusual 
for me - I would usually be lucky to be in the high 60's. Then, as mentioned, 
by 10:30 I started to drop (50's).
The problem I see, is if I have to lower my basals 2 hours prior to 
exercising rather than during the exercise period to prevent low bg, I lose 
the ability to do things spontaneously without increasing my carbs for 
exercise. Reminds me of pre-pump days when cancelled exercise sessions were a 
problem based on what I had eaten and injected in anticipation of exercising. 
Any suggestions? (I've been pumping since Nov. - do not get too much support 
from the nurse educator)  Brynn (email @ redacted)
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