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[IP] tape problems & insurance paying!

Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has some tape tips.  Adam (4) has
been pumping 3.5 months, with sils and micros. Never a problem with tape
sticking (except for when we tried tegederm, which did not stick!). The
last two days have been very hot and humid up here near Toronto, Ontario.
We have had to do three site changes of micros in three days. The first one
came unstuck in the tub (which has never happened), the second yesterday
after dinner, and the bottom of the tape from the new set is all unstuck
now. I put a piece of Polyskin tape at the bottom, hopefully the canula is
not out!

We use IV prep, let it dry, then insert micro, put IV3000 tape down, then
use the other tape that comes with the set across where the tube comes out
for extra coverage. This has always held it. He has not been in a pool or
wet other than the bath the first night. We are getting fed up with all the
changes, and so is Adam! Especially when the site is good!

Also, we just got the cheque from our insurance company. They are paying
80% of the pump and supplies. We are pretty relieved. We were going to keep
the pump anyway, and pay in installments, but this is better. We are going
after them for the other 20%, as the insurance company used to pay 100%,
but Paul's company changed their plan, and there seems to be some question
as to when this took place. The insur. co says Jan 1st, but I have claims
submitted and dated after we bought and submitted the pump, that were paid
at 100%. They are looking into it, I'm hopeful.

Linda, mom to Adam, 4, diag. nov/96, pumping Jan 25/2000 and Jenna, 2, non-d

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