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[IP] Basal Rates

This probably sounds like an elementary question but..................Since I 
have gained so much wgt since being on the pump.  I have been digesting the 
wonderful book Stop the Rollercoaster and I am wondering.  When setting the 
basal rates, what do you go by?  Is any part of that meant to cover any carbs 
eaten?  The book talks about how to set up the long acting insulin but I 
don't see where it talks about using all Humalog in the pump.  I have never 
been to an endo as we have none very close to where I live.  Have thought of 
finding one in Little Rock but hear that we will be getting one in Hot 
Springs in the not to distant future.
You all are teaching me so much and as one person stated last week.  I am 
learning so much about things I never knew about! lol       Well, something 
like that?(:............................Jackie
I have the 3rd edition of "Pumping Insulin" on order.  Can't wait to receive 
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