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Re: [IP] leg cramps

To be sure why not go to a cardiologist and see if they will do a doppler
of your calves? My mom has excellent ankle pulses and also in her feet but
the doppler showed cuadication (Sp) in the artery in her calf. She has alot
of pain trying to walk. She will be going in for angioplasty to put a stint
in. The meds she tried she was allergic too.
Hope you can find out what is going on. It doesn't hurt to pursue it.

At 10:05 PM 05/05/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Group,
>I have a question regarding leg cramps.  Does anyone else suffer from
>calf cramps when walking?  I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10.  At
>12 I began running track, but by the age of 13 or 14 I developed severe
>leg cramping (in the calf) when walking fast or running.  I am 37 now
>and have suffered since then.  My endo does not think that it is related
>to my diabetes, but I disagree.  He believes that since I have great
>arterial pulses in my feet that it could not be intermitten
>claudication.  But, I have tried every route I can think of and then
>some to try to alleviate the pain and nothing works.  I have had
>orthotics made.  I have tried calcium, magnesium and quinine.  And,
>still, when I walk faster than about 3 mph, I cramp.  Does anyone else
>have experience with this and if so, does anything work?  I thought I
>read something about Health bars or something on this list, but cannot
>find it any longer.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
>Thanks in advance.
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