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[IP] leg cramps

Hi Group,
I have a question regarding leg cramps.  Does anyone else suffer from
calf cramps when walking?  I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10.  At
12 I began running track, but by the age of 13 or 14 I developed severe
leg cramping (in the calf) when walking fast or running.  I am 37 now
and have suffered since then.  My endo does not think that it is related
to my diabetes, but I disagree.  He believes that since I have great
arterial pulses in my feet that it could not be intermitten
claudication.  But, I have tried every route I can think of and then
some to try to alleviate the pain and nothing works.  I have had
orthotics made.  I have tried calcium, magnesium and quinine.  And,
still, when I walk faster than about 3 mph, I cramp.  Does anyone else
have experience with this and if so, does anything work?  I thought I
read something about Health bars or something on this list, but cannot
find it any longer.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.


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