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[IP] I saw the D-tron

In a message dated 05/05/2000 9:24:09 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< For any one who has also seen the picture of the d-tron what do
 you think about the new shape? >>

I've not only seen the picture, but saw the real thing at a Diabetes Expo 
here in Phoenix last week.  I was considering the D-tron or the MM508 to 
replace my MM506.  All it took was one look at the D-tron.  It is the ugliest 
thing I've ever seen and there is no way I'd trade in my MM for it.  It may 
have all or even better features of the 508, but it's an inch longer and much 
heavier, and just plain ugly color.  There's no way I could fit it in my bra 
like I do the 506.

Good luck to Disetronic with it.  I'm the first one to say that it doesn't 
matter what pump you choose, just do it and start pumping, what a life 
changing difference it makes.  But if I have to choose between a big ugly 
pump and a smaller cute one that does the same stuff, guess what I'm 

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