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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #156

> BTW, I suggest you persue any info re 
> scanning and reproducing MA, as it may 
> be an infringement on copyrights.  :~)
The way I see it (as always I may be wrong) is that I 
pay MA a yearly dues for them to keep my medical 
informaion in a computer and be there to answer collect 
calls from medical personel to give them info on my 
medical conditions if I can't speak for myself.  I can' 
image anything restricting my right to write down my ID 
number anyway (or their phone number for that matter) 
and as for the logo... it's a basic medical staff as 
it's been used for I don't know HOW long, but MA wasn't 
the first to use it...

The necklace/bracelet is just an ID tag... Medica Alert 
isn't about tattooing defective on your forehead, it's 
about being able to provide additional information in 
the proper circumstances.  If I could sum up all my 
medical issues onto a conveniently wearable dogtag I 
would tell MA to take a hike.

- -Sara G.

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