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Re: [IP] Happy days!

Doreen in Wyoming wrote:

>>One word of caution to you all--if you are taking a long-acting insulin
(like NPH, in my previous MDI life), double check with your startup
person/team to see when you should take your LAST dose of it.  I didn't pay
close enough attention to this "little detail" (ha!) and automatically took
a mixed R/NPH shot the night before I went live that was supposed to be
NPH-free.  My error caused several days of inconvenience because I had to
fight the effects of left-over long-acting insulin messing with my new,
improved, pumping regime.  (NPH has some serious staying power!)<<

I hadn't thought of that Doreen.  I will check with my CDE a few days before
to make sure whether I should take my small (6u) shot of NPH the night
before I go in.  Thanks for the advice. :o)

Hookup day is May 15... Woohoo!

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