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[IP] Evaluating your DM care

Dawn Dvorak wrote:

> I finally found out what my HA1C was and it was 7.3!  I guess that's not too
> bad, I want it to be back down to 6.7 like it was before I was on the pump
> but I'm pretty happy with it. 

Mine was 5.8 before going on the pump; 6.4 for my first post-pump, and
then 6.1 on both the tests since.

I think it might possibly be due to less night-time hypoglycemia,
because I'm NOT having higher BGs during the day. 

I also think that the A1c is only a PART of your evaluation of your
diabetes care -- It's NOT a precise number, and doesn't tell the whole

You also have to look at things like how many symptomatic highs and lows
are you having, how you're doing nutritionally (are you maintaining
weight, not losing or gaining), how are you coping with exercise and
illness, and how's your emotional quality of life. 

I.e., there's more to diabetes than numbers! Docs tend to focus on
numbers because that's all they can see; YOU have to focus on life!


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