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[IP] Carb Ratios, Basals, RAPIDS??????

Sara- Thanks for responding.  Yes, I've been Type I 35 years, always 
'brittle', went through menopause six years ago (hysterectomy) and I can go 
all day without eating and  keep normal BGs with the basals I've had.  1 
unit for 11 CHO up until about 6 p.m. when I USED to have to change to 1 for 
16 and later than that (9 p.m.) it's about 1 for 30.  I try not to eat after 
6 and usually this works, but lately my BG at bedtime has been high (250) 
and I am a former nutritionist and am pretty good at guessing quantities - 
even measuring them lately.  Guess I'll just 'fall back' on the fasting 
protocols tonight and see if anything brilliant occurs to me.  Can't be 
worse than getting up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours all night like I am now to 
test, test, test.  My exercise levels are fairly consistent- 3-4x a week at 
the Y water aerobics with strength training on alternate days.  I am 
considerably overweight but stably so.

RAPID QUESTION: I recently (1 week ago) tried an 8cm Rapid instead of a
10 cm. Switched back to a 10cm. when the bedtime BG elevated.  What happens 
if the Rapid's too short?  It doesn't poke or come out or anything but I 
just gave up my Tenders about 4 months ago so that I could use straight 
Humalog (not a mix with Regular) in my pump.  That worked!  But still 
fooling around with the sizes.  Like I said I' not skinny.  Could the 
insulin be pooling somewhere and not getting into the bloodstream fast 
enough at night when I'm much more sedentary?

Please email me at email @ redacted so I don't lose any responses in 
the digest.  Thanks.
Dianne  35 years of Type I and still learning, and testing.

>  My first post
I'm 55 and my basals change every couple of weeks!
Not only that but so do my insulin carb ratios
at times.

> >
>Only a swag (scientific wild *** guess) here, but my
>first guess (without knowing any details) would be
>perhaps late menopause?  What are your exercise
>routines like? Consistent/Variable?  Could you be
>covering basals with boluses or vice versa?  What is
>your normal range of carb-ratios and basal profiles?
>How long have you had diabetes?  What is the average
>wind speed of a heavily laden swallow?
>-Sara G.(armchair warrior)

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