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[IP] Re: pre-pump classes

I had my "pre-pump" classes yesterday.  Since I go to Joslin in Boston, my
classes were similar to what Sherry previously described.  What it
consisted of was a one hour pump assessment where they went over the basics
on why to consider a pump, pros and cons, etc.  It was also good that I got
to see all the paraphernalia "in the flesh" the two currently available
pumps and all the infusion set choices.  My educator wears a 508, so she
showed me some of the stuff on her "live" pump, the h-tron didn't have
batteries in it so she didn't show me any of the workings on that.

Then, I had class #2.  (Since I was travelling from a distance, I schedule
them back to back).  This was the first in a series of carb counting
classes.  Basic stuff on food labels and food lists.  Came up with a carb
ratio and sensitivity factor to use.  She said I didn't need any more carb
classes, but I think they will schedule as many as are needed until they
feel you are ready before going on the pump.

The next series of classes which will be 4  2-hour classes with her, aren't
scheduled until I have a pump in hand.  The first one is saline hookup, I'm
not sure what the others are or what the spacing between them is.

And I met Roger Campbell who was there for his hookup!  While I was talking
to the Disetronic rep, Roger came over and introduced himself (to the rep).
Of course I recognized his name and when I was finished I introduced myself
and we chatted for a while.


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