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[IP] Animas ship date


Sorry for the late reply, I was a couple days behind in the posts.

If you are leaning towards the Animas and the June date is important to
you, I would look into this more.  I was told by two people at Animas
(Scott Scolnick, territory manager?, email @ redacted and Carla
Sparkler, patient admin, email @ redacted) that they are NOT meeting
their June date.  My doctor and pump educator also had heard, I'm not sure
from what sources, that the date has slipped.  Scott says they are
BEGINNING trials now with 6 patients in the Philidelphia area and will know
in 1-3 weeks what their new ship date is.  So please follow up if you don't
want to be surprised and disappointed.  I'm not saying you shouldn't wait,
but if you are expecting to be hooked up in June it will probably be later.

As for the preferences, when I had my pump eval yesterday there was a
definite preference shown to one manufacturer.  I've also talked to reps
from all three companies who spend more time dissing the others than
telling me what's best about their models.  You just have to get all the
information yourself and make the decision yourself on what's right for
you.  If your insurance covers all 3, then don't worry about it, and if
they can't train you as well you a model they don't prefer, you'll get
plenty of knowledge and support from this list and from the company itself.

Good luck.

>Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 20:29:07 -0500
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #152
>Talked to an Animas rep today. He stated that May orders would be shipped
>out in June. Anyone else heard this?
>The diabetes center that I go to still seems to strongly favor one
>manufacturer over the others.  I don't know how much to fight it, but it
>gets my burr up a bit. Yes , I know 24/7. Sometimes it's not so simple....
>Bob A

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