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[IP] virus...non pump related stuff

I got this too, unfortunately it was one of the first things I read this
morning, and then I saw the posts about the virus.  I actually got another
copy of it and deleted it right out.  Same thing here, Jim - I got it from
more than a few people that I know very well, so I trusted the first one I
opened.  Oh well, I guess we all learn the hard way, I generally don't open
attachments like this from people I don't know.  Oh well!!!!  Off my little
soapbox, I just got done with a very stressful evening at work, found out
that I won't be going camping, but hubby and friends will (someone quit and
I am the only one who can cover those shifts, needless to say I am pissed
off to no end, so BG's will be interesting tonight and tomorrow).  C'est la
vie. Have a good one, everyone -
Dawn email @ redacted

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