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[IP] Re: Rewarding bolusing

Yes, jan you are right.  Say what you'll do and do what you say.

Now here is how it is likely to play out.  Summer will get here and ahe will
have tried very hard to bolus everyday.  She will miss some days I am sure.
Deal is that if she boluses for her lunches for the rest of the year she
gets rewarded.  Now, how perfect do I require her to be to get her reward?
What Iam after is effort and whatever I get will be enough.  There will be
no failure.  I can't afford to make her a failure.  She can't afford to
think of herself as a failure.

I do it the same with grades in school.  If they can look me in the eye and
tell me that they did the best that they could, then I don't care if they
get Cs, D and Fs.

Even today we discussed ideas for helping her to remember.  She is 8 yrs old
and should have to deal with this at all.  when i was 8 I had a hard time
remembering to bring my homework home.

All of the  input from people that grew up with this stuff will be absorbed
and appreciated.

Curtis Lomax

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