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[IP] Happy days!

RoseLea wrote:

Roger, congrats.  I did my saline trial already before I even ordered my
pump.  I'm ready to go live on May 15, have already received the
instructions from my CDE for that morning (don't take any insulin, don't
eat, bring a bag breakfast, etc.).  I'm so excited, I can't wait, been
turning cartwheels!

Hi RoseLea and all--

First off, congratulations and best wishes to all of the new pumpers,
soon-to- be new pumpers, and supporters of pumpers.  This is so exciting to
hear about your startups, and to re-live some of the joys and frustrations
of beginning the pumping experience!

One word of caution to you all--if you are taking a long-acting insulin
(like NPH, in my previous MDI life), double check with your startup
person/team to see when you should take your LAST dose of it.  I didn't pay
close enough attention to this "little detail" (ha!) and automatically took
a mixed R/NPH shot the night before I went live that was supposed to be
NPH-free.  My error caused several days of inconvenience because I had to
fight the effects of left-over long-acting insulin messing with my new,
improved, pumping regime.  (NPH has some serious staying power!)

Again, congrats and WOOHOOs and cartwheels and pump hugs to all of you
newbies (and to all the "old pros" on the list, too).  Pumping is the next
best thing to a cure (in my humble opinion!), and this list is the best
resource available anywhere!!!!  (Thanks, Michael and all the admins.)

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming

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